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- Full American Curriculum
- Full Khmer Curriculum
- Full Chinese Curriculum
- From Pre-Kindergarten to high school
- Qualified experienced native English and Chinese Teachers  
- Qualified experienced teacher from public school
- Warm welcoming family environment
- Small Class size
1.Authentic USA Certified High
School Diploma from USA
2.American University Transfer
Foundation Program (USA)
-Chinese High School Diploma
-Cambodian High School Diploma issued by
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports


Retail Showrooms

Before you can sell a client on your product, you have to get them into your showroom, and nothing accomplishes this better than a stunning and attractive storefront.

Give your store a leg-up on the competition with a custom-designed showroom and building façade by Chamroeun KH. Not only will our architects maximize your building’s external appeal, they will also work with you to design an internal layout that helps showcase your unique products.

Restaurants & Cafes

Second only to the food, diners choose restaurants and cafés based on the atmosphere and feel of the location. Whether you’re going for a comfy and laid- back lounge, a quiet, fine-dining establishment or a lively party locale, Chamroeun KH’s design experts can help set the mood with purpose-built construction and creative interior design.


Don’t let your operations slow down because of outdated or insufficient storage spaces. Chamroeun KH can work with you to build a new warehouse to meet your unique storage needs.


A bank is so much more than a building. It is a symbol of the stability and responsibility for the customers who trust your financial institution with their savings and futures.

A bank designed by Chamroeun KH’s architects will help you gain the trust you deserve from your customers while incorporating a custom layout that will allow you and your customers to do business with ease. Or consult our expert interior designers to transform the image of your existing bank building.